Book Directly 2020

The worldwide campaign to restart the global tourism 

In the coming months, world tourism will have to be literally restarted from zero. The Book Directly 2020 campaign aims to convince hundreds of millions of holiday planners online that they are best off when hotel rooms and other tourism services are booked directly on the websites of hotels and tourism services.

$ 16 billion annual commission

In the last years before the epidemic, the lack of direct customer contact costs $ 16 billion a year to the hotels globally. So many commissions were forced to be transferred annually by the hotels to the bank accounts of the OTAs.

Fatal stab

The billion-dollar commission paid to OTAs is a fatal blow to hotels. It would significantly increase the chances of the successful restart if OTAs could be replaced in part or even in full by a hotel booking portal where there is no commission.

The no commission "OTA"

With the launch of we intend to start a website like this in the near future. We will create a hotel search page from which, after selecting the given hotel, we will redirect the user to the hotel's own website, where you can book your hotel room.


The Book Directly 2020 campaign

The Book Directly 2020 campaign is a direct marketing campaign

The goal of the campaign:

- Establishing a direct link between hotels, tourism services participating in the campaign and hundreds of millions of members of civil, professional and special interest groups around the world.
- The main goal is that the hotels and tourism services can sell their rooms and tourism services directly through their own website. 


The main target groups of the campaign:

- Professional chambers of the world, about 60 million members (doctors, lawyers, engineers, hunters, etc.)

- around 200 million members of trade unions worldwide (teachers, civil servants, employees of multinational companies, etc.)

- other professional, advocacy and non-governmental organizations, further hundreds of millions of members worldwide. 


Why the chamber and union members? 

- Because hundreds of millions of members of civil, professional and advocacy organizations around the world (doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, civil servants, employees of multinational companies, etc.) are a key target group for all tourism businesses.

- Because the message of the "BOOK DIERECTLY 2020" campaign can reach easily the members through their chamber, trade union or association:


Campaign strategy:

1. The hotel and tourism businesses participating in the campaign fund the This website works like a regular travel page, with the exception that after selecting the hotel or travel service, the user will be redirected to book directly on the own websites.

2. The organizers of the campaign enter into agreements with professional, advocacy and non-governmental organizations in different countries of the world. The essence of the agreement is that the members of the organizations can book rooms and tourist services at a discount by entering a promotional code.

3. The participating hotels will publish their promotional code at the campaign's site that can be used on their own website. Promotional codes can only be visible to members for who are granted access with a login and password.

4. Under the agreement, organizations will draw members' attention to the website and the offers shown. In return for the benefits provided to their members the communication channels include their newsletter, website, own print newspaper, congress, etc. 


Campaign strategy:

In recent years there were numerous similar campaigns for multinational corporations organized by us. (e.g. Vodafone, T-Com, Opel, Quelle, Agip, Generali Insurance, etc.). The discounts on purchase available for members of chambers, trade unions and other non-governmental organizations always became quite popular among the members in a short span of time. The success of these campaigns was acknowledged by our clients as outstanding.



Members of the above-mentioned organizations look at the discounts as their acknowledgment for their profession and activity, which creates a “good feeling”. The “good feeling” is reflected in the success rate of the campaigns.

- Based on our experience, members will talk a lot about these new discounts they can use, among their friends and colleagues as well.

- Everyone likes to travel.

- People like to talk about their travelling experiences.

- Members, who are colleagues will recommend and draw each other's attention to the the hotels that provide special offers for them.

Something like this:

“If you travel to London, book your room at the Royal Garden Hotel. The hotel is astonishing, and we as members of the ... chamber can book a room at a discounted price. You only have to enter the chamber promotion code when reserving your accommodation.”



We cannot think of any better marketing for a hotel than recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Your hotel is being recommended by doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, etc. around the world?

Not yet?



how much would your hotels income and profit improve, with direct bookings and without commssion?
If the news would spread that members of professional and other non-governmental organisations can book at your hotel at a discount price as an appreciation? How much would the number of direct bookings increase as a result of such news?


Share and make it available for the members to book a room at a discounted price, respectively your special tourism offer!



Participate in our “DIRECT BOOKING 2020” campaign and experience how easily you can increase the number of bookings through your own website! You will see how "good it feels" when figures are going according to plans (or even better)!

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